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Complete list of names of officers and men

       The strength of the Ashton Battalion, Territorials on July 1st 1914 was 24 officers and 888 men, which was below the establishment of 28 officers and 977 men. After the mobilisation a few were rejected as being physically unfit. Below we give the names of the officers, and the various sections and companies of men.


Lieut.Colonel D H WADE commanding, Major E Garside, Major A Hilton, Major H Connery Major W H Archbutt, Chaplain the Rev. F H Burrows, Capt.and adjutant J A Dearden, Capt. R B Nowell, Capt. R Lees, Capt. T E Howorth, Capt. F Hamer, Capt.F A Platt, Capt. F Woodhouse, Capt. G H Okell, Capt. H Sugden, Lieuts. F E Kershaw, E Richardson, A G Birchenall, H B Stephenson, G W Handforth, F A Makin, G Makin, H C Shaw, R G Wood, W F Forshaw, T G Hyde and J A Parker.


Sergeant- Major J Fowler, Colour Sergeant J Holt, and Sergeant J Craig.


Sergeant T Moss, Corporal F Howard, Privates A McCormick, T Radcliffe, J W Dodd, N Fogg, A Neale, J L Kendall, H Ellis, C Illingworth, R Bell, H Cook, W Shuttleworth, J Kent, H N Andrew, and J W Donnelly.


Lieutenant G Makin, Sergeant H Harrison, Lance – Corporal E Eyres, Privates V Pritchard, E Riley, H Taylor, J Dickson, R Maddox, B Rawlings, N Stockdale, G Wilton, H Marbles, J Gaskell, N Cartwright, and E Jones.


Privates J Wild, F Radcliffe, A Hague, M Redfern, J Rowbottom, B Barrett, J Whittaker, J Lowndes, W Murphy, J Miller, W F Kerfoot, and G Phillips.



Captain T E Howorth, Lieutenant F A Makin, Colour Sergeant J Williamson, Quarter Master Sergeant T Burgess(Guide Bridge), Sergeants W Hawkins, S Hill(Clayton), H Grantham, C Spencer and S Ellor (Hooley Hill),Lance Sergeant McDermott,Corporal H Bolter(Hurst), LanceCorporals W Martin, S Bailey(Stalybridge),H Whitehead (Hurst),H Trunkfield (Hurst),and G Massey. Drummers;R Landers and H Broadbent.

Privates ; W Andrew(Droylsden),G Alcock(Dukinfield),

J Abbot (Dukinfield),D Boulter (Stalybridge),W Parker (Stalybridge),B Barratt (Hurst), A Broadhurst

T Bell (Hurst),P Bradshaw(Droylsden), W Beeley, J W Plant(Dukinfield), A Buckley (Littlemoss),E Brown, H Byrom, G Barker(Waterloo), A Booth, A Broadbent, F Chevalier(Wath-on- Dearne),B Cowley, J Denson, F Dalton(Dukinfield), R Daley, J W Dodd, J A Dawson(Dukinfield), J H Dawson(Dukinfield), J Dawson(Hurst), E Earnshaw(Denton), H Edwards(Gorton)

A C Edwards(Waterloo), A Eastwood(Dukinfield), A Ford, T Gilbey, C G Goodwin, J Gaskell, A B Goldings

(Dukinfield), T Gaskell, A Hague, H Haughton, A Holden(Dukinfield), J W Hague(Hurst), G Hall, W B Hodgkiss(Droylsden), E Hodgkiss ,W Hargreaves

(Dukinfield), F Holden(Dukinfield), H Hulme, T Hardy

(Dukinfield), T Hall(Clayton), H Hesketh, J Jubb

(Hurst), E Jones, N Jackson, J Kierley, W Kinder

(Dukinfield), R Kenworthy(Dukinfield),E Lees

(Dukinfield), P B Lee(Stalybridge), G Lowe,J Morgan,

E Martyn(Droylsden), R Melia(Audenshaw), J Mason

(Droylsden), W Murphy(Dukinfield), J T Mottershead

(Denton), J McGrath(Dukinfield), H Newton(Smallshaw)

F Orton(Droylsden), J Oakden, J O’Donnell(Dukinfield

S Ogden, J R Ogden, C Payne(Hooley Hill), R Potts,

H Park, A Plenderleith(Hurst), J Ryder,J H Rowbottom,

A Riley(Hooley Hill), A Ranson, F Stockdale,J Smith

W Shuttleworth, H Smith, T Saxon T Smith(Dukinfield)

J Smith(Dukinfield), J Scholes, W Thornton

(Dukinfield), S Turner(Stalybridge), J Turner, J Trunkfield(Smallshaw), R A L Thomas, J A Trueman,

F Thickett(Denton), J H Thorpe(Hurst), J Whittle,

H Whittaker, G H Wilton(Hooley Hill),W W Warner,

G Walton(Dukinfield).


Captain R Lees, Lieutenant G H Handforth, Colour Sergeant J Chadderton(Dukinfield), Sergeants G Mellor

T Lord(Dukinfield), J Nolan, A Smith and A Scott;

Corporals J Tasker(Hurst)and J Litchfield(Dukinfield);

Lance Sergeant J Taylor, Lance Corporals A Parkin

(Denton) and W Chorlton(Dukinfield);Drummers S Scholes

and G Bradley.

Privates; H Allen(Dukinfield), W Adams, A Artingstall,

G Ashton, J Armitage(Hurst), W H Barratt(Newton Heath)

J Batty, H Bradbury(Hurst), J Bridge(Dukinfield),

W Booth(Dukinfield), J Chadwick(Stalybridge), A Cundy

J Cummins, J E Cunningham, J Colley(Hurst Brook),

H Fitton(Dukinfield),H Crutchley(Openshaw), J Cassidy

Waterloo), T Connor.G Clay(Stalybridge)W Coyne(Hyde)

G Crichton(Dukinfield)J Cooper(Hyde), T Burn, J Dodd,

J Eastham, J Foster,(Hurst Brook),H Fitton(Dukinfield), A Finan, R Grimshaw, J Hawke, J Hawkyard(Dukinfield),

E Hennessey, E Hyatts, F Hadfield(Dukinfield),

S Hawkyard,H Hindley(Dukinfield) J Hickey(Hurst), W Handley,J Hampson, G Hall, T Hall,

A Ivell(Bardsley),H Jackson,W Jones(Dukinfield),

J Kinsella, J Kent, E Kershaw,J Lowndes, A Lees,

G C Lee, F Lees, E Lister,G Litchfield(Dukinfield),

H Lewis, F Lees, A Mullen(Hurst), J Martin, W Murphy,

J S Miller(Dukinfield),W Maloney(Stalybridge),

G Moores(Denton), E C Matley,(Denton),

W Mather(Bardsley), C Murray(Bardsley),

J P Millwood(Dukinfield), H Nadin(Dukinfield), P Nolan

F Newton, J R Nield(Hurst), W Nuttall(Bardsley),

H Owen, S Ogden(Hurst), W Pascoe(Waterloo), J Phillips,

S Powers(Hyde), A Prestwich, T W Povey, J T Potter,

A Phillips(Dukinfield), J Player, F Qualters,

T Ratcliffe(Denton), W Rowland(Denton), T Rogers,

(Dukinfield), E Scholes, E Smith(Hyde), J W Stockton,

E Sigley(Dukinfield), A Smith, J Swain, J Siddon(Denton

A Spurrett(Dukinfield), W Smith, H Tarrington(Dukinfield W Taylor(Denton), J Travis, D Thorp(Dukinfield), F Taylor(Dukinfield),

J Taggart(Dukinfield), G C Tomming, W H Viney,

J Williams(Denton), H Wolstenholme(Hurst), R Waters

(Dukinfield), A Whittet, A Wilkinson.


Captain F Woodhouse, Lieutenant R G Wood, Colour Sergeant W Birchall, Sergeants G Turner(Dukinfield),

J Moss, H Ingham and J Ferns(Audenshaw) Corporal S Wood

Lance Sergeants A Royle(Hurst), W H Thorp(Hurst), and

M McHugh. Lance Corporals S Gibson, E Brown(Audenshaw),

G Stringer(Bardsley), T Littleford, H W Matthews

(Waterloo), V Summer and J Wild(Waterloo).

Drummers; J Mutter and H Cook(Bradford).

Privates; T Adridge, F Armitage(Dukinfield), A Ashworth

W Allcock, A Astley(Dukinfield), E Perry, J G Blanford,

(Gorton), W Burke, H Bullock, J Bennett(Dukinfield),

R Bell, J Brough(Dukinfield), J Bridge, J Broadbent,

J Connelly(Dukinfield), E Cummins, B Cummings, J Crowther, J Chapman, J J Carroll(Dukinfield), F Dyson,

J W Donnelly, W Dalton(Waterloo), B Dransfield,

F Etchells, Evans, A Gee, R Gibson, H Gibson(Oldham),

H Hopkins, H Heginbottom(Dukinfield), T Hall, R Hartley

(Dukinfield), W H Hayell(Droylsden), W Hargreaves

(Dukinfield), J Hall, R R Illingworth(Dukinfield),

F Hewitt(Bardsley), F Heginbottom(Denton), O Jones

(Dukinfield), H Jones(Dukinfield), E Jones, F Jones

(Bardsley), H Jackson, E Jones(Dukinfield), F W Kerfoot

(Hyde), S Kellett(Dukinfield), R Kellett(Dukinfield),

J Kerr, G Moss, J Murphy(Dukinfield), T McBride

(Dukinfield), C Murray, J McDermott,G Murphy(Dukinfield

R Massey, F Mycock(Dukinfield), H McClusky, J Newton,

F Penny(Dukinfield), E Pepper, W Pridham, G Phillips

(Hurst), J Ratcliffe(Dukinfield), H Richardson(Denton)

J Riley, H Robinson, W Roebuck(Dukinfield), J Ryder,

W Roberts(Dukinfield), A Rushforth(Bardsley), G Shaw

(Hurst), C Smith, H Smith(Dukinfield), T Smith,

H Sidebottom(Bardsley), A Sheridan, J Swinton, E Spragg

(Dukinfield), J Shaw(Dukinfield), L Smart, J Schora,

S Taylor, H Taylor, W Townley, J E Taylor(Dukinfield),

J Tindall, R Varey(Hurst), R Warner(Dukinfield),

H D Wilson, J Walker(Dukinfield), J Wilshaw, F Worsley,

(Audenshaw), J West(Dukinfield), C E Wills(Bardsley),

A Wild(Bardsley), B Whitehead, H Whittaker, A Willerton

(Stalybridge), and J Williamson.


Captain T A Platt, Lieutenants E Richardson and E Parker, Colour Sergeant M J Buckley(Flixton), Sergeant

H Earle, Corporal J Atherton, Lance Sergeants G Eyres,

T Knight, and S Eyres(Droylsden), Lance Corporals,

J Ghenty, W Marsh, J W Smith, R Tyson(Dukinfield),

H Shaw, G Bromley(Hurst), B Love and C Wood.

Drummers; W Shaw and A Marland(Littlemoss).

Privates ; H Andrew(Dukinfield), S Atherton, G Abbot,

A Atherton, B Ashworth(Dukinfield), J Atherton,

F Aspinall, J E Andrew, S Armitage, G H Burgess,

W N Beacon, H Bertenshaw(Dukinfield), J Burgess,

W Bryan(Dukinfield), G Boswell(Denton), S Barber

(Dukinfield), W Brierley(Droylsden), J Bell, A Barlow

J Brady(Hooley Hill), E Borsey, E Barton, J Bennison,

A Bendle, F Ballard, J W Chapman(Dukinfield), G Clegg

(Hurst), H Cook(Denton), J Coffey, J Chidlow,

W Clayton, S Donoghue, J Dixon, L Dresser, A Dixon,

J Eastwood(Denton), H Elliot, H Foster, F Finucane,

(Bardsley), J Florandine(Stalybridge), F Genders,

H Garside(Dukifield), J Garrigan, W Gipson(Droylsden)

J Grimshaw(Hooley Hill), E Gee, C Holden(Dukinfield),

E Hanson, J Harlow, J Hopwood(Hurst), W Hibberwaite,

F Hanson(Dukinfield), T Hewitt, J Woffendon, J Hill,

(Dukinfield), H Hampson, J Hodgson(Hooley Hill),

W Jervis, G Jordan, E Jones, H Jones, W Jones

(Dukinfield), J Kenworthy, E Kemp, G H Lamb, N Lee,

J H Lockwood(Stalybridge), J Lewis, R Lapthorne

(Audenshaw), G Moores, F McClusky, S Newton(Dukinfield

W Ogden, W Ollerenshaw(Dukinfield), H Ogden, J Pye

(Dukinfield), H Potter, J Porter(Hurst), L F Pennington

H Partington(Reddish), P Pepper, H Pollitt, E Riley,

J Rushton, J Rowbottom(Dukinfield), T H Ramsbottom,

J W Smith, J Scholes, S Stephenson(Hyde), A Sumners

(Dukinfield), A E Snape(Dukinfield), M Shea(Dukinfield)

E Sutherland(Hooley Hill), W Stelfox(Dukinfield),

A Smith, A Townsend, N Taylor(Dukinfield), W Taylor

(Droylsden), B Tighe, W Tinsley, S Vernon, A Walker,

L Whitehead, J Wright, F Wallwork(Dukinfield),

P Woodruff(Denton), E Wilkinson, R Walker(Dukinfield),

G Wright, S Whitehead(Dukinfield), and J Wilshaw.


Captain G H Okell, Lieutenants F W Kershaw, and D B Stephenson, Quartermaster Sergeant G Boocock,

Colour Sergeant H Stringer, Sergeants A Fletcher, T Langan(Hooley Hill), J Lawton and J Simcox. Lance Sergeants J W Morrison(Denton) and S Still ;

Corporal S Kellett(Whalley), Lance Sergeant W S Eaton

Corporal F Jones(Droylsden), Corporal T Winded(Denton

Lance Corporals T Gorman, J W Ramsdale(Hooley Hill),

C J Silvester(Hurst) and F Howard.

Drummers; H Taylor and T Jackson.

Privates; J Ashton, A Ashton(Dukinfield), R Aspden

(Dukinfield), W Aspinall(Hooley Hill), T Ashcroft

(Bradford), E Althorpe, E Atherton(Hurst), J F Barlow

P Burns, R Burgess(Hooley Hill), J Bullock(Audenshaw),

A Burke, E Barlow, J Bates(Dukinfield), W Bevan,

G Bottomley(Dukinfield), W H Batkin(Hooley Hill),

M Barker, H Bent, E Blodwell, T Butler, H Bradshaw,

A Boocock, J Boocock, H Cook, B Cusick, A Clegg,

J W Cheetham(Hooley Hill), G H Connolley(Dukinfield)

W Clegg, W H Corlett, W P Colclough, S Carter, G H Clough, G F Kent, W Cusick(Hurst), J Craig(Hurst),

J Cripper, W Cadman(Dukinfield), J Crompton, J Dutton

W Deane(Dukinfield), J Donald(Droylsden), J H Draycott,

W Daniels, R Fish(Hooley Hill), W Fogg, J Finnegan,

F Goode(Dukinfield), L Gill(Hurst), W Garside, T Hill,

J Heeley(Hooley Hill), T Hawkins, A Hague, G G Haughton

S Hill(Clayton), W Headdock(Dukinfield), C Higgins

(Droylsden), J Hoke, T Hughes(Hurst Brook), P Hall,

T Hardman, W S Hall(Dukinfield), E Heinemann, R Hall,

A Howard(Stalybridge), J Jackson, H Jackson, J Jackson,

C D Joyce(Old Trafford), J L Kendall, C Kenna,

T Kershaw, L Marsh, J Mutch(Hooley Hill), R Maddox,

H Marple(Dukinfield), H Monks, G Markham(Hooley Hill),

W Mutter(Hurst), F McDonnell, R McCormack, F Mycock

(Dukinfield), W Moss(Dukinfield), R Newton, W Newton,

R Nicholls(Hooley Hill), F Oldfield(Hyde), E Oates,

W Oates(Dukinfield), R Pillng, H Potter(Hooley Hill),

R Plant(Hurst), W Priestnall(Droylsden), W Postle,

T Partington, T Rackshaw(Hooley Hill), N Richardson

(Hooley Hill), H D Ryding, F Shaw, E Shepley, W Smith,

H Sykes, W Sidebottom, J Swindells, J Turner, J Taylor

J Dyson(Dukinfield), J Tetlow(Droylsden), P Taylor

(Dukinfield), J Wharton, G E Wilson, W Wilson, R F Wilson, W Walton, J Wrigley(Stalybridge), S Wood,

J H Woodcock and A Wrigley(Stalybridge).


Captain F Hamer, Lieutenant G H Birchenall, Colour Sergeant G Newton, Sergeants T Tym, H Illingworth,

N D Braithwaite and J C Harrop; Lance Sergeant J Stopford, Corporals T Valentine, J Horsfield, A Berisford, F Morton and H Morris; Lance Corporals

E Adams, J H Shawcross, W Mason, A Burgess(Dukinfield)

A Binns(Dukinfield), R Constantine, J Hampson and

E Rimmington. Drummers; J Townsend and F Whyatt


Privates; S Bonsell, E Bradbury(Droylsden), L Brooks

(Waterloo), H Brooks, T Butterworth, H Byrom, F Barnsley, H Barrett, W Barfield, J Bennett, G Bardsley

(Dukinfield), M Birchenough, F Cawley(Dukinfield),

J Green(Dukinfield), B Cuthbert, W Cowcill, W Constantine, J H Cooper(Audenshaw), C Davies, T Davies,

J W Daley, J Dundavand, J Daley, J Daley, J Doolan,

H Ellis, T Evans(Waterloo), S Entwistle(Droylsden),

L Finneran, G Frater(Audenshaw), E Finnerty, W Fielder

(Dukinfield), T Garlick, E Golightly, S L Grimshaw,

E Green(Smallshaw), W Gaskell, W Hadfield(Dukinfield)

W H Hamer(Hurst), T Holden(Dukinfield), E Hough

(Hooley Hill),J Hanson, S Hood, J H Hamer(Stalybridge),

W H Hall, G W Hudson(Droylsden), J W Hurst, J Johnson,

A Kelly, H Gibson(Openshaw), J J Kelly, R King, W Knox

J B Lees(Hurst), W Loft, E Lowndes, W Leigh, J Lees

(Dukinfield), A Lilley, T Lee, H Morris, F McCory,

A Young, J O’Donnell, W Barker(Dukinfield), H Potter,

F Phillips, F Pilling, A Peate(Waterloo), R Penny

(Parkbridge), J Pollard, B Rawlings, E Robinson,

C E Rimington(Sheffield), H Rhodes, A Simcox, D Smith

(Hurst), J W Stopford, H Stewart, N W Stockdale

(Waterloo), T Sayle, R Stott, J Shaw, J Travis(Waterloo

T Taylor, T Tweedale, T Tilbury, C Turner, W Taylor

(Smallshaw), R Thornton, W Vickers(Dukinfield),

J Wild(Waterloo), C Warhurst, H Wood(Dukinfield),

G Walker(Droylsden), P Watson(Denton), W Williams

and W H Wild.


Captain H Sugden, Lieutenant H C Shaw, Colour Sergeant

R Jackson(Smallshaw), Sergeants T Grimshaw, T Lomas,

J Lee and H Harrison(Dukinfield), Corporals J Chapman

(Dukinfield), J E Appleby(Hurst Brook) and J Hughes

(Hurst Brook), Lance Corporals S Whitton, J E Eyres

(Droylsden), F Goddard, A Bromley(Dukinfield), P Borsey

and W E Hawley(Dukinfield).

Drummers; H Critchley, andJ Jakeman.

Privates; E Ashworth(Dukinfield), H Abbott(Dukinfield) H Anderson, J Benyon(Dukinfield), J Burke(Dukinfield),

W Blackshaw, G Bell(Littlemoss), L Hulley, E R Bell

(Littlemoss), T Boon(Bardsley), W P Brierley, R Boon

(Bardsley), H Barrett, G Barrett, G Birchenall

(Droylsden), J Carus, A C Clayton, H Cook(Hooley Hill),

J Cropper, J Cavanagh, T Carter, F Chapman(Hyde),

D Clinton, W Chatterton(Droylsden), A Commerford,

W Donnelly, G Lees(Littlemoss), H Freeth(Waterloo),

F Flindle, H Fish(Dukinfield), T Fielding, R Genty,

J Griffith(Parkbridge), J Gregory, T Gallery(Dukinfield

J Gallery(Dukinfield),R Gayter, A Grosvenor(Stalybridge

F Gorman, C W Gibson, F Hodgings((Dukinfield),H Holland

(Waterloo), J Hollingworth(Stalybridge), D Hornby

(Fairfield), W Hulme(Hurst Brook), T Hall, J Hibbert,

J Hill(Dukinfield), W H Heelam, E T Hughes(Hollingwood)

J F Jenkinson, F Jackson(Hurst Brook), L King, J Kenny,

J Kelly, M J Kearns, W Lomas(Dukinfield), W Lilley

(Hurst Brook), A E Loughhead(Gorton), T J Luxon(Clayton

J Lloyd(Droylsden), H Oldfield(Littlemoss), A Ogden,

F Madeley(Dukinfield), J Mayo(Dukinfield), T McDermott,

G Marland, E Murphy(Dukinfield), R May(Hyde),C A Milton

(Dukinfield), H Marsden(Waterloo), A Myers(Clayton),

H Morris, S W Morley, W H McDonald, S Newton,

H Burbage(Hooley Hill), T Porter(Dukinfield),

A Pritchard(Hooley Hill), H Pye(Dukinfield), J R Purcer

(Denton), J Rourke(Hooley Hill), R Robinson(Dukinfield)

G Ryder(Hurst), J Smith(Stalybridge), E Summersgill,

G Shawcross(Hyde), P Sampson, J Sutton(Denton),

J Sellars(Droylsden), W Schofield(Dukinfield), H Saxon

C Turner, J Thwaites, W H Wood(Stalybridge),G H Wright

(Hurst Brook), J Walker(Littlemoss), E Williamson,

T Williamson(Clayton), H C White and J Waters(Dukinfield).


Captain R B Nowell, Lieutenant G Makin, Second Lieutenant W T Forshaw, Colour Sergeant A Green,

Sergeants Bashford, C Finch, T Hargreaves and

J Lawler. Corporals S Spruce(Hooley Hill), and

F Goley, Lance Corporals S Ingham, F Forrest

(Hurst), E Abbott, W Mitcheson(Stalybridge),T Lee

S Stephenson and W Bennison. Drummers; A Green

and J H Elliot(Dukinfield).

Privates; J W Andrew(Denton), A Adshead(Denton),

N Adshead(Denton), H Andrew, A Britton, F Boon

(Denton), M Brown(Denton), W Bennett, F Barker

(Hooley Hill), F Bradley(Dukinfield), W Burnett

(Dukinfield), W Blake(Denton), A Black(Dukinfield

M Bailey, H Carpenter(Dukinfield), N Cartwright,

J Critchley(Dukinfield), A Crowther(Hurst),

J Cook(Denton), H Cockcroft, H Carson, W Deakin

(Openshaw), J Ellis(Droylsden), J W Eastham

(Hurst), R Fletcher(Dukinfield), E Foulkes(Audenshaw

W Gibson(Stalybridge), A Gibson(Stalybridge),

A Gibson(Stalybridge), J Gee, H Garside, H Grafton

(Hurst Brook), A Hodgson(Birkenhead), J Hargreaves

(Dukinfield), J Hall(Queens Ferry), H Hallam,

E Hartley(Denton), P Highton(Dukinfield),

P Haggerty(Audenshaw), W Hodgkiss, H Hargreaves

(Droylsden), W Hunter(Audenshaw), W H Illinworth

(Dukinfield), J Johnson(Audenshaw), J W Jenneys

E Jones(Dukinfield), E Kelly(Denton), S Littleford,

H Lamb(Denton), W Lockwood(Dukinfield), T Longworth

(Openshaw), A Latham(Denton), C Lee, J Mace,

A McCormick, J Mallinson, H Moss(Denton), J Morrison

(Dukinfield), T McNay, A E Neale, G Newton, A Orton

(Droylsden), J Peak, S Potts(Stalybridge), P Poulston

(Dukinfield), W Redfern, A Royle, F Radcliffe,

W Revill(Hurst), T Radcliffe, W Rushworth(Hurst),

R Rylance(Droylsden), W Robinson(Hooley Hill),

M Robinson(Dukinfield), T Smith, F Smith, M Swain

(Dukinfield), W Tempest(Dukinfield), F Torkington

(Audenshaw), G Tinker(Stalybridge), H C Turner

(Denton), J Taylor(Dukinfield), T Taylor(Hooley Hill

T Tipton, J Vause, W Watson, J H A Whittaker

(Hurst Brook), G W Wild(Dukinfield), T Wood(Hyde),

J Woffenden(Denton), A Winterbottom, W Wood,

H Whittaker, J Webb(Denton), T Widdup, J Williamson

(Droylsden), H Wilmott(Denton), F Warhurst, S Wild,

W Wright and F Ward(Dukinfield).


Sergeants W Hawkins and T Hill, Lance Sergeant

J W Morrison, Corporal T Valentine, Lance Corporal

S Ingham.

Privates; H C Turner, N Adams, H Bullock, J Moss,

W Potts, W Dalton, A Walker, J Hopwood, J Smith,

G Allott, B Ashworth, F Genders, B Newton, J Ashton,

R Pilling, W Newton, T Hawkins, H Sykes, E J Adams,

T Brooks, D Smith, W Loft, H Brooks, J B Lees, H Pye,

A Royle and T Smith.


The following details will be attached to the

Battalion for pay, rations and discipline and are

Posted to companies as under; Lance Sergeant Cooper

Private J Bridge, Private R Cooper, Private R Handley

and Private J Rothwell of the R.A.M.C. to C company.

Privates H T Brown and cook F Duckworth of the 4th

E.L. regiment to ‘A’ Company.

The undermentioned details of No.3 section East

Lancashire Division Signal Company are attached to

this Battalion for pay, rations and discipline and

posted to companies as follows from this date;

Sergeant W Walters, Lance Corporal J W Challinor,

Corporal J Ardern and Private H Pinder ‘E’ Company.

Privates R Noblett, H Lomax, E Bleasdale and

L Watson F Company. Privates E Lewis, R H Boucher,

J Blackburn, A Ling and W Yates ‘G’ Company.

Privates H Hunt, C Heap, T E Riding, G A Hunt and

C Allen to ‘H’ Company.Privates C E Joyce ‘E’ Company is employed in Q.M.Stores from this date.

‘H’ Company; Corporal Horsfield ‘F’Company; Private

Newton ‘C’ Company; Private Dawson ‘A’ Company;

Private Kershaw ‘E’ Company; Private Littleford ‘H’

Company; Private Davies ‘F’ Company; Private Nadin

‘B’ Company; and Private Wilkinson ‘D’ Company.

The following N.C.O.’s and men having been found medically unfit are relieved from duty to the date named when they will report themselves to the orderly room. Corporal Atherton ‘D’ Company 16th August 1914,

Private Partington and Private Vernon ‘D’ Company

15th August 1914; Private Taylor attached D.L.O.Y.